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Omaha is a city situated in Nebraska in the U.S. It is best known for its pioneering history, museums, and cultural centers. Another of the city's primary attractions is the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge. It also houses the world's best zoos, namely Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium and College World Series.

Music is deep-rooted here, and it has influenced cultures and national heritage. It's also the proud home to a thriving African-American music scene. Even better, this city has immensely contributed to the genres of jazz, blues, funk, and rock. At present, it's the birthplace of indie-pop and other subgenres.

Omaha gave global music fans some of the finest bands and musicians like Anna Mae Winburn's Cotton Club Boys, Lloyd Hunter's Serenaders, jazz great Preston Love, and drummer Buddy Miles.

The globe's most successful pop music producer – Terry Lewis, is from Omaha as well. Furthermore, the classic Doug Ingle from the late 1960s band, Iron Butterfly, was born in Omaha, as was indie-folk singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. However, they both were raised elsewhere.

The history of Omaha music stretches long back such that the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame celebrates the city's long accomplishments of African-American music till today! What's fantastic is the Strathdon Caledonia Pipe Band's attempts to carry on a Scottish legacy in this area.

Omaha has also inspired many talents to create magnificent pieces of music. For example, Antonín Dvoƙák wrote his Ninth Symphony in 1893 based on his impressions of the region after visiting Omaha's robust Czech community. Adding on, greats like Valentin J. Peter encouraged Germans in Omaha to celebrate their rich musical heritage.

Moreover, even influential brewers like Fredrick Krug's beer garden kept many music bands alive during the desolate times of World Wars.

Remember, Omaha is that low-key city that harbors the sharpest notorieties in the world. Huge names like Elliott Smith, Jimmy Skaffa, Tim Halperin, and Vernon Garrett are all homegrown in Omaha!

Some of the names above achieved crashing fame, while some are underrated industry experts. If you look forward to enjoying some backdrop, chill folk, and city-inspired music, Omaha concerts, and events should be your destination.

Interestingly, the music outlook of Omaha, Nebraska, is quite quirky from the rest. There is this constant morphosis in the tone of the music genre that dominates the area. To make it more enticing, we'd like to state that pop melts into blues, and rock decays into metal-punk fusion.

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Omaha Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Omaha are affected by many different factors. These factors may include the seating capacity of the venue, the location of the event and whether the tour is sold out. Prices for tickets will also be affected by the location of your seats and if you're closer to the stage as in floor seats, in the lower level close to the stage or whether it is an upgraded VIP package.

How much are Omaha tickets?

Average ticket prices for Omaha will vary but generally you'll find lower priced discount tickets farthest from the stage. If you’re in search for cheap Omaha tickets, the upper levels furthest from where the stage is located will typically have the cheapest prices. Also, expect to pay more for premium seating or VIP tickets.

Omaha Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

You will find that Omaha tour dates will vary from year to year. Generally, most tours will last between 6 to 12 months, but it's possible that they extend over several years in cases when it's a final tour. For the Omaha schedule, 20-50 tour dates are the general standard.

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When do Omaha tickets go on sale?

Ordinarily, Omaha tour tickets will go on sale 3-5 months prior to the first performance and occasionally actually over one year prior. Once a concert schedule and dates for a tour are published, you can visit our site and check the event calendar to locate your perfect date and venue. Omaha tickets will typically be available within 24-48 hours of a tour announcement. Secure your seats today since there is never a need for a presale code.

Omaha Seating Chart

Seating capacity will depend on the venue used for the tour, festival or other event. Larger festivals and events can have up to 100,000 attendees per day. Larger sized arenas tend to have a seating capacity upwards of 20,000 seats which include luxury seating options such as box seats, VIP sections and suites. Lawn seating and general admission is generally available at most festivals.

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