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New York City is situated in the northeastern United States, lying in southeastern New York State.

New York City, or more popularly called out N.Y.C., has to be one of the most famous cities in the world. It is an icon and also bold, diverse, and far-reaching. In a nutshell, N.Y.C. has it all.

There are five boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island. They all have a significant contribution in the branches of entertainment and recreation.

New York also goes about with a nickname of "Big Apple." It's the house of the world's biggest business tycoons, striking architectural establishments, and sentimental historically-acclaimed events. To add on, there are exclusive and premium shopping spots and frequent, flashy Broadway performances.

We must account for it accommodating the world's most popular, iconic establishments. They include the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre and Top of the Rock Observation Deck, World Street, Broadway, 5th Avenue, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and many other downtown landmarks.

Also, the world's most successful sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was developed and publicized in this very place.

New York is just the most captivating, serving cities out there owing to its tremendous diversity and multicultural population from across the globe. This is credited to the ability of the people here to curate art and music ahead of their time!

The artistically versatile nature of N.Y.C. inspired how the music genres like jazz and folk proliferated. Also, this place garners plenty of respect because of birthing genres like hip-hop, garage house, boogaloo, doo-wop, bebop, New York punk rock, and U.S. new wave. Moreover, it is also the birthplace of Salsa music-a fusion of Cuban and Puerto Rican contributions.

Furthermore, the names - BLK SLK, Darkwing, Escort, Amber Mark, St. Lenox, Holy Tunics, Loose Buttons, LEGS, Human People, JD Samson, Brasstracks, and Dr. Danny – are some of the leading talents from the city of New York.

There are venues such as ShapeShifter Lab, IBeam, and Douglas Street Music Collective. Over here, artists and labels give way to the upcoming sonic elements in the music industry. Celebrities and stars halt to perform in the city and draw insurmountable crowds and audiences for their music.

With all its glory reflected in its bright city lights, impressive infrastructure, and pompous public places, New York makes itself one of the most loved cities in the world. The exposure provided to the budding artists to deliver their content from venues with underground and D.I.Y. music communities is laudable! It's time to book your tickets for New York concerts and events.

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New York Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for New York are affected by many different factors. These factors may include the seating capacity of the venue, the location of the event and whether the tour is sold out. Prices for tickets will also be affected by the location of your seats and if you're closer to the stage as in floor seats, in the lower level close to the stage or whether it is an upgraded VIP package.

How much are New York tickets?

Average ticket prices for New York will vary but generally you'll find lower priced discount tickets farthest from the stage. If you’re in search for cheap New York tickets, the upper levels furthest from where the stage is located will typically have the cheapest prices. Also, expect to pay more for premium seating or VIP tickets.

New York Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

You will find that New York tour dates will vary from year to year. Generally, most tours will last between 6 to 12 months, but it's possible that they extend over several years in cases when it's a final tour. For the New York schedule, 20-50 tour dates are the general standard.

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When do New York tickets go on sale?

Ordinarily, New York tour tickets will go on sale 3-5 months prior to the first performance and occasionally actually over one year prior. Once a concert schedule and dates for a tour are published, you can visit our site and check the event calendar to locate your perfect date and venue. New York tickets will typically be available within 24-48 hours of a tour announcement. Secure your seats today since there is never a need for a presale code.

New York Seating Chart

Seating capacity will depend on the venue used for the tour, festival or other event. Larger festivals and events can have up to 100,000 attendees per day. Larger sized arenas tend to have a seating capacity upwards of 20,000 seats which include luxury seating options such as box seats, VIP sections and suites. Lawn seating and general admission is generally available at most festivals.

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