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Broadway has taken central stage time and again amongst theatrical enthusiasts across the world. Based in the area of Manhattan in NYC, these shows seat approximately 500 people, and the tickets are most often sold out upon release. The majority of these Broadway theatres are located in Midtown Manhattan's middle of West 40th and West 53rd streets.

From musical plays resonating with the philosophy of love and hate to plays denoting societal constructs in the most captivating way possible, Broadway shows will leave you at the edge of your seat.

Think about it – there was a time where Broadway street was lit up with millions of billboard lightings for advertisements for their shows, and the night sky literally brightened up! Today, they've preserved their royale library of work by only allowing intellectually-expressive productions to display their highly enticing musicals and plays.

In 2010, Broadway shows were responsible for earning over 1 billion USD in ticket sales for the industry. Moreover, a bunch of shows played eight times a week for months and years at a stretch and yet continued to attract audiences in large numbers.

Fun Fact: The longest-running Broadway musical in history is called The Phantom of the Opera. It’s been performed over 13,000 times and has also picked up the prestigious award for the best musical in 1988.

The combination of supremely well-crafted storylines, musical wonders, and Broadway-specialized performers creates a potent mixture of entertainment at a whole new level. Simply put, singing, acting, and dancing all at once will leave you tongue-tied!

Book Yourself Tickets for A Broadway Masterclass

The performers never fail to deliver a spectacular depiction of the plot. They're the real treasure trove of Broadway shows. To top it up, the crews are extensively trained by professionals with decades of experience. And with larger than average stage sizes, these plays are performed in a more elaborate and detailed manner. Such varying influences and elements make the sulkiest of Ballads and generic plots a seductively engaging experience.

While the traditional approach of such musical plays remains intact, the present-day executors of this art form are proficient in syncing it with public interests and yet, ironically battling societal trends.

Attending a Broadway masterclass is sure to assist you in transcending the differences in humanity, be it the pointless dilemmas revolving around caste, religion, or creed. Once again, do not hesitate to splurge the money. Just brace yourself for witnessing art that communicates better than most humans can.

You’ll be cherishing the works of critically acclaimed Broadway producers, directors, on-set magician-like technicians, and star performers who run the show and bring in the fulfilling feeling of amazement.

And if you are a geek for musicals and plays, we are dead sure you won’t regret booking a ticket to a Broadway show.

To better understand what's trending in the Broadway scene, consider reading about the Tony Awards and musicals that missed out on this accolade!

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Broadway Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Broadway are affected by many different factors. These factors may include the seating capacity of the venue, the location of the event and whether the tour is sold out. Prices for tickets will also be affected by the location of your seats and if you're closer to the stage as in floor seats, in the lower level close to the stage or whether it is an upgraded VIP package.

How much are Broadway tickets?

Average ticket prices for Broadway will vary but generally you'll find lower priced discount tickets farthest from the stage. If you’re in search for cheap Broadway tickets, the upper levels furthest from where the stage is located will typically have the cheapest prices. Also, expect to pay more for premium seating or VIP tickets.

Broadway Tour Dates & Concert Schedule

You will find that Broadway tour dates will vary from year to year. Generally, most tours will last between 6 to 12 months, but it's possible that they extend over several years in cases when it's a final tour. For the Broadway schedule, 20-50 tour dates are the general standard.

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When do Broadway tickets go on sale?

Ordinarily, Broadway tour tickets will go on sale 3-5 months prior to the first performance and occasionally actually over one year prior. Once a concert schedule and dates for a tour are published, you can visit our site and check the event calendar to locate your perfect date and venue. Broadway tickets will typically be available within 24-48 hours of a tour announcement. Secure your seats today since there is never a need for a presale code.

Broadway Seating Chart

Seating capacity will depend on the venue used for the tour, festival or other event. Larger festivals and events can have up to 100,000 attendees per day. Larger sized arenas tend to have a seating capacity upwards of 20,000 seats which include luxury seating options such as box seats, VIP sections and suites. Lawn seating and general admission is generally available at most festivals.

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